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Last Updated: Jul 31, 2009

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NB: Westcoast Express provides rush hour unidirectional trips only.  Intercity train services, served by Amtrak, VIA Rail and Whistler Mountaineer, are infrequent.  The Whistler Mountaineer provides luxurious travel experience to Whistler from North Vancouver Station, all other intercity trains leave from Pacific Central Station beside Main St. Science World Station.

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The System
Vancouver's skytrain forms the backbone of the transit system for the Greater Vancouver region's 2 million people.  Buses, B-line buses, the Seabus, and the Westcoast Express are integrated into one system.  With the exception of the Westcoast Express, all modes of transit is under one fare system and you do not have to pay twice within a certain period of time counting from the minute you validate your ticket or put money into the money box in buses.  With a transfer, you are entitled to travel anywhere in any direction before the time shown.  You need to keep your ticket as proof of payment of fare.

The Skytrain has two lines, the Expo and the Millennium Lines.  They share the same tracks and platforms along all stations between Waterfront and Columbia Stations.  Watch the electronic sign on the platform to avoid taking the wrong train.  It either says "Expo Line to King George" or Millennium Line to VCC-Clark".  The Millennium Line loops around in the eastern suburbs of Vancouver.  Skytrains are very popular due to good service frequency and travel speed.

Except for the green Airport Bus, all city buses and express buses are run by the Coast Mountain Bus Company under the umbrella of Translink.  Call 604-953-3333 for real time scheduling.  Their automated phone service is very efficient and helps thousands of tourists and locals to find out when the next bus comes (or if at all), and whether the bus you are waiting for is the right one.  B Lines (express buses serving only limited stops) operate in some major corridors.  The service level and dependability of buses are much lower than that of the Skytrain.

Biking is often faster than taking the bus within the city limits of Vancouver; for trips within the Downtown peninsula walking makes much more sense.  Night buses provide hourly service along certain "N routes".  Call or check on line for more info. Some buses are painted red and blue and some are blue and yellow.  They all belong to the same company (Coast Mountain Bus Company).

Westcoast Express
Commuter trains only.  Limited service that travels westbound only (Mission City to Vancouver) during morning rush hours.  Trains only travel eastbound to Mission City during evening peak hours.
All scheduled flights and most charter routes embark at the Main Terminal, which is divided between the International and Domestic terminals.  Canada Line is a convenient public transit option with designated areas for luggage.  Taxis are the primary mode of transport for tourists.  The ride between Downtown Vancouver and the Airport (YVR) costs about $22 and it takes about 27 minutes. 

Regular intercity bus service is available between the airport and Seattle, Victoria and Whistler, among other destinations.  There are a number of companies that provide intercity bus services.