Twelve among twenty six nationalities of Yunnan


Han Chinese is 67% of Yunnan's population, mostly in the Municipalities of Kunming and Qujing.  The mountains of Yunnan are largely inhabited by other nationalities.


Dai (Thai-Lue) (Tai-Kadai Group)

Dai dance

Dai culture is very similar to the majority people of Thailand and Laos.  The Dai lives in the Xishuangbanna and the Jinpo areas

Songkran Festival

Jinpo (Tibeto-Burmese)

Munao Festival Jingpo are descendants of Qiang, an ancient people originally inhabiting the Tibetan Highlands and modern Xinjiang.  Some people in the Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture still identify themselves as Qiang today

Lisu (Tibeto-Burmese)

"Sword Ladder Festival "
8th day of the 2nd month on the Chinese Calendar

Tibetans (Tibeto-Burmese)
Lowland Tibetan Festival / Tibetan New Year

Tibetan dance

Tibetans inhabit the Diqing (Shangri-La) area of northwestern Yunnan

Tibetan girls 

Hani (Tibeto-Burmese)



Nakhi (Naxi) (Tibeto-Burmese)


59% of the city of Lijiang's population is Nakhi.  Nakhi culture is heavily influenced by both Tibetans and Han Chinese.  Their Dongba religion and Dongba language are unique from other nations.  The Dongba script is the world's only surviving ideographic languages (using pictograms).  The Nakhi are also descendants of the Qiang.

Mosuo (Tibeto-Burmese)


Mosuo is related to Nahki but is culturally distinctive.  They inhabit the Lugu Lake area at the border between Yunnan and Sichuan provinces.  Mosuo societies show many aspects of a matriarchal society, as women are head of the household (among peasants) and property passes down female line.

Bai (Tibeto-Burmese)




Bai live in the Dali Area

Pumi (Tibeto-Burmese)


Yi (Tibeto-Burmese)

Torch festival
24th day of the 6th month on the Chinese Calendar

Yi girls

Va (Wa) (group unknown)


Festival of the Wooden Drums


Festival of the Wooden Drums
(During the Grei Month on the Va Callendar,
~ December)

Va "Cow Festival"

Dulong (Derung) (group unknown)




Kacuewa Cow Festival of the Dulong

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