Yunnan mushrooms

Yunnan's mountainous terrain makes it ideal for collection of delicious wild mushrooms.  Of course, only experts in local flora should do that.

Daguanlou, Kunming


Daguanlou is located on the south side of Kunming, facing the Dianchi Lake (Dian Lake).  Kunming was the capital of the domain of the Pingxi King, Wu Sangui.  More details can be found below about Pingxi King.  He extended Dianchi Lake northwards to reach Kunming to facilitate transportation of goods.


Chinese caligraphy

Chinese caligraphy


Kunming Daguanyuan

Chinese caligraphy

Kunming Daguanlou

Literature and art are important in Chinese architecture.  The name of the building is often written on a plaque above the main doors, and on both sides of the door there is usually a pair of poems that follows strict rules of parallelism.  The pair in Daguanlou has over a hundred words.

Stone Forest, Daguanlou

Stone forest, Daguanlou

Pond Lily garden, Daguanlou

Pond lilies (lotus) are common Chinese gardens

Pond lily garden, Daguanlou

I think this is called Black Princess Water Lily

Dianchi, Daguanlou



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