Note: Only metro lines that are in service or expected to be in service within one year are shown.  Please revisit this page for updates.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Rail and Metro Maps of Europe

Metro Systems:

  • Amsterdam: City Rail Map
  • Athens: Metro, Light Rail, and suburb train services
  • Barcelona: Metro, RENFE Cercanias and tram services
  • Berlin: City Rail Map
  • Brussels: Metro, Premetro, and other tram services
  • Cologne: Stadtbahn (light rail) and Deutsch Bahn
  • Glasgow: Subway and Scot-Rail
  • Frankfurt: U-Bahn, S-Bahn, DB, trams
  • İstanbul, - Metro, Hafif Metro, TCDD
  • Lille: City Rail Map
  • London: London Underground and National Railways
  • Madrid: Metro and RENFE Cercanías
  • Milan: City Rail Map
  • Moscow: City Rail Map
  • Paris: Métro, RER, Transilien, Grandes Lignes de SNCF
  • Rome: Metro, Trenitalia FS Networks
  • Venice: City Rail Map

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High Speed Rail of Europe


High Speed Rail Map of Europe


City Rail Map of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Athens Rail Transit Map

Athens, Greece



Barcelona Rail Transit Map
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain


City Rail Map of Berlin

Berlin, Germany


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Cologne Rail Transit Map
Glasgow Rail Transit Map
Cologne, North Rhein-Westphalia, Germany Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Brussels Metro Map
Brussels, Belgium

Metro Map of Frankfurt
Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany

İstanbul, Turkey
Lisbon, Portugal


Lille, France
Tube Map of London


London, England, UK
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London Networks

Rail Map of Greater London
London, England, UK
(Geographically correct)


London, England, UK
(Geographically correct)

Plano de Metro de Madrid / Madrid Metro Map
Madrid, Spain


City Rail Map of Milan
Milan, Italy




Moscow, Russia
[Cyrillic] [Latin]


Carte regionale de Paris / Paris Regional Map Carte du Metro de Paris / Paris Metro Map
Paris, France
(Geographically correct)


Paris, France
Rome Metro Map

Venice, Italy

Rome, Italy