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Wigwam Inn

Wiggam Inn

Wigwam Inn is a beautiful old hotel located at the northern end of Indian Arm with a long and notorious history. It is privately owned by the Royal Van Yacht Club and not open to the public.

Distance from Deep Cove: 19 km

Paddling Time One Way: Fast: 3 hrs Avg: 4 hrs Leisurely: 6  hrs

Suggested Route: Paddle the west shore of Indian Arm.


  • You can feel the current from the Indian River. After a long paddle it feels like you will never reach your destination.
  • If paddling from Deep Cove, please be aware that the shores of Indian Arm are steep with few beaches to land on that are not private.
  • Because this is a yacht club, there will be more motorboat traffic in this area.
  • Be careful of motorboat traffic in the west channel between Croker and the mainland

Features: This historic inn opened in 1910 as a world-class resort. It was operated by Count Gustav Constantin Alvo Van Alvensleben until 1963. It changed hands several times and was raided by RCMP as a gambling casino. Among its many guests were John D. Rockefeller and John Jacob-Astor. The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club currently owns the Wigwam Inn. Unfortunately you must be a member or know a member to do anything other than look. The building has a full industrial kitchen, shower and many nice hotel style suites. The view from the balconies is spectacular.

History: You can locate four depressions in the ground on the middle of the island. A prospector who believed he could find blue diamonds on the island created these depressions.

Nature: The grounds have been landscaped with many rockwall and there are stands of deciduous trees laden with moss.

Photos and information courtesy of
Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak Centre

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