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Indian Arm is a scenic fjord surrounded by spectacular mountains. It is an excellent recreation and tourism destination. Deep Cove is located only 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver. There are many destinations along Indian Arm that range from only a half hour to a full day paddle. On the left is a Map of Indian Arm, click on a destination to learn more.

South Arm
Departing from Deep Cove there are several directions you can take to have a great day trip. The South Arm is dotted with 8 tiny islands that make for great points of interest during a ?day or day paddle. You can get out and stretch your legs at Belcarra Beach, Jug Island Beach, Strathcona Bay and Twin Islands. Paddlers often encounter harbour seals, eagles, flocks of seabirds and other happy kayakers.

North Arm
Once you pass Best Point, the shoreline homes begin to space out, the shoreline gets steeper and you begin to feel that you are truly leaving civilization behind. Rocky cliffs are covered in mustard yellow lichen and the snow covered peaks of the distant mountains beckon. To travel past Best Point requires commitment to a long day or overnight trip, but the rewards are worth it.

Photos and information courtesy of
Deep Cove Canoe and Kayak Centre

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